Pre-Booking Consultation — The consultation is a complimentary service we include prior to booking any session which can be done over the phone or in person. We learn about your family and your children. We will talk about the look you envision for your images and discuss possible locations for your photo shoot. We also offer guidance regarding what colors and types of clothes work best for your session.

Imagine the walls in your home filled with custom wall art from your family portrait session!



Family Portrait Session — Designed to capture your family naturally in a relaxed 45–60 minute shoot resulting in lifestyle images allowing you to re-live the unique blend of feelings and moments that define this chapter of your life.

We will shoot hundreds (yes hundreds) of images at your portrait session, but we reveal only the best images. How do we decide what the best images are? We eliminate any image that is unfavorable, out of focus, imprecisely composed, unflattering or duplicates. What we’re left with are the most beautiful images from the session. These are the final images we professionally edit for your family!

In-Person Image Reveal — Images are purchased separately from your session fee. Instead of dumping a USB thumb drive, CD/DVD or even an online gallery full of digital images on you to go through unassisted — we personally reveal the best images from your portrait session. We help you select what sizes and types of prints and other fine art options would look best on your walls. We can reveal the images in the privacy of your home, our home, or even in a coffee shop. This is all part of our personalized and professional service to you!


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Booking Availability — To ensure our families have a great experience with us, we limit the number of lifestyle family sessions we shoot per year and are usually booked 1–2 months in advance.

*Money Back Guarantee — If you’re not thrilled about your experience with Andrew & Connie or your images, we’ll give your money back. No kidding!